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Welcome to 101 Photo Club. Formed in January, 2016, the club is a group of professionals and amateurs that networks on a regular basis to learn and improve the craft of photography and to engage commercial photography.

We appreciate photography as an art.
We communicate ideas through photography.
We network to inspire each other.
We use photography to serve the community.
We grow together.


Membership Benefits
  • Monthly networking event
  • Educational seminar by renowned photographers
  • Photography outings and glamour model shoots
  • Portfolio showcase on Club’s website
  • Exhibits at public venues
  • Photo competitions
  • 30% discount on Workshop fees
  • 10% discount on Photography Class fees

And many more…

Our regular meeting is 1st Tuesday of each month 7:00-9:30pm at River of Life Christian Church, 1177 Laurelwood Road, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Best Photography Places San Francisco Bay Area - By David Coleman

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  2021 Events
  • Jan  28 Thur.  Online Education - Sky Replacement in Photoshop by Serena Hartoog
  • Feb  10 Wed.  Online Education - Vintage Lenses by Dennis Lo
  • Feb  18 Thur.  SIG Photo Critique - Chien & Roscoe
  • Feb  25 Thur.  Online Education - Safari by Ted Guo
  • Mar 18 Thur.  SIG Photo Critique - Chien & Roscoe
  • Mar 25 Thur.  Online Education - Maria Guldner
  • Apr  22 Thur.  Online Education - Xu Dong
  •  Jan  5  Tues.   Working with Textures & Overlays - Hazel Meredith  
  • Feb  2  Tues.   The Heart and Craft of Photography - Steve Kozak  
  • Mar 3  Tues.   Starting form a blank canvas - Polina Plotnikova  
  • Apr  6  Tues.   Mastering Continuous Light - Scott Robert Lim
  • May
  • Jun 

2020 Newsletter


The Heart and Craft of Photography - Steve Kozak

Location:  Online Zoom Meeting. 

When:  Tuesday.  February 02, 2021 from 7:00PM - 9:00PM

The Heart and Craft of Photography 

Let's face it, a LOT of people take pictures, but you want something more from your time behind the camera.

Join Steve Kozak as he takes you on a journey that will transform your approach to creating images. This class will inspire you to discover the artist within and to begin creating images that are personally satisfying and that move others.

Steve will also share important steps you can take to establish yourself as a talent and how to avoid the mistakes that keep so many others' work from ever really getting better.

Steve will also discuss some of the very fundamental issues of lighting, posing and creating images that set you apart.

Learn the secrets and techniques Steve uses to get his award-winning landscape images. He will share some simple ways you can capture better images as well as unique ideas for working with your images in Photoshop or Elements.

Steve will challenge you to start looking at the world around you in a unique way to find the elements and connections that will bring your images to life.

Discover how to improve your composition and the presentation of your images that will take your images to a higher level.

This presentation will help you get better scores in print competition and more "Wow!" from those who see your images.

About Steve Kozak

Steve Kozak is an active member of the Professional Photographers of America and the Texas Professional Photographers Association. Steve has earned the “Master of Photography” and the “Craftsman” degrees from PPA, and is PPA Certified. His work has also appeared in the prestigious “Loan Collection”. Professional recognition of his work includes the Masterpiece Award from Fuji Film USA and the Sunset Print Award from LexJet.

He has taught 22 years at the prestigious Texas School of Professional Photography and 19 years at Imaging USA. He has also taught at the Mid-America Institute of Professional Photography, the East Coast School and Image Explorations near Victoria, British Columbia.

Steve is the Executive Director of the Texas Professional Photographers Association and the Professional Photographers Association of New Mexico.

Steve's articles have been published in The Professional Photographer and Texas Professional Photographer magazines. His informative and inspiring programs make him a popular instructor on the speaking circuit.

Steve Kozak
Photographic Artist


Admission is $25 at the door.  Free for 101 photo club members.
Pre-register [click here to register now] to receive a $5 discount on the admission fee.


Starting form a blank canvas - Polina Plotnikova

Location:  Online Zoom Meeting. 

When:  Wednesday  March 03, 2021 from 6:30PM - 8:30PM


Starting form a blank canvas

My presentation titled “Starting form a blank canvas” and features images on two of my favorite photographic subjects – Creative Flower Portraiture and Still Life. Both themes are illustrated with images from my studio work.

The talk consists of two parts. 
- the "Flower portraits" part of the evening is about my approach to flower photography which is somewhat similar to portrait photography: for every flower and plant that I photograph, I always try to find a unique look, study its mood and character, unlock its hidden beauty. In doing so, I neither aim at creating an accurate natural/botanical image, nor try to picture a flower in its natural habitat. What matters is my creative interpretation of a flower image.
- in the "Still Life" part of the evening I talk about composition, light, textures and colors that I use when creating my still life setups. My approach - for better or worse - is to start by creating an image in my mind's eye and proceed to taking photographs only after all details have been thought through. There will be a few schematic illustrations to show my studio hardware and to demonstrate various stages of putting together a still life setup.

About Polina Plotnikova

I am a Russian-born UK-based photographer. I studied at Moscow State University and in the Christies Education in London/Modern Art studies. 

I worked with photography all my life in the museums, galleries and image libraries. 
These days I am teaching Creative Flowers photography and often visit photography clubs around South East with photography talks. I am also a member of Arena Photographers group.

I have an FRPS and an EFIAP photography distinctions and a number of photographic awards, including eight Gold and Silver Gilt medals at the RHS photography competitions, category winner of Food Photographer of The Year competition, various distinctions at each of the International Garden Photographer of The Year competitions, and multiple medals and distinctions awarded by various Photography Salons. I am proud to be a member of the Arena Photographers group.

They say that a photographer is either a picture taker, or a picture maker. I am firmly in the picture makers' club. While fully appreciating the "what you see is what you get" approach, I am much more interested in chasing an ever-elusive image that appears in my mind's eye, an image that conveys my feelings and emotions, rather than remains a mere statement of fact. My favorite photography subjects are: flowers, still life, and also capturing my impressions when travelling.



Admission is $25 at the door.  Free for 101 photo club members.
Pre-register [click here to register now] to receive a $5 discount on the admission fee.


Mastering Continuous Light - Scott Robert Lim

Location:  Online Zoom Meeting. 

When:  Tuesday  April  06, 2021 from 7:30PM - 9:30PM


Mastering Continuous Light

Learn how to create light in the three different on-location lighting situations. Learn about the two different types of light and how to use them, how to turn average light into amazing portrait light, different ways to make the light softer, and why. This and so much more are covered in this comprehensive lighting course on constant light and will show you A to Z how to use it. Imagine you could…Set up your lighting in seconds to be able to get more paying work. Create amazing portraits in any lighting situation. Unleash your creativity much faster and easier.

Lecture is similar but not the same as this paid $147 lecture…


Sony Artisan and international master photographer Scott Robert Lim is a certified educator and has over 70 international awards to his name, including Top Ten Most Influential, Kodak Award, World's Top Wedding Photographers, and has been a judge at many international photography competitions. His work has been published and viewed by thousands all over the world and is a popular speaker around the world. For the last decade, he has dedicated his career to developing world-class photographers and loves teaching photographers of all levels. He has an energetic and charismatic speaking style and is an industry leader in photography education.

Let’s Connect!
Text/Mobile 626 487-4166
Email: scottrobertlim@gmail.com
Instagram: @scottrobertlim
Facebook: facebook.com/scottrobertlim

FREE Online Class www.scottrobertlimphotography.com/webinar


Admission is $25 at the door.  Free for 101 photo club members.
Pre-register [click here to register now] to receive a $5 discount on the admission fee.





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Feb 02 with Steve Kozak: The Heart and Craft of Photography

Mar 03 with Polina Plotnikova : Starting form a blank canvas

Apr 06 with Scott Robert Lim: Mastering Continuous Light


Jan 05 with Hazel Meredith: Working with Textures & Overlays

Nov 03 with Doug Bennett: Landscape Photography - Achieving Technical Excellence and Crafting Artistically Expressive Images

Oct 13 with Brent Russel Paull: American West Photo Safaris

Aug 11 with George Warren Ziegler:  Introduction to Infrared Photography 

July 21 with Chao Feng: Photo Retouch: Simple and Powerful Techniques

May 12 with Jack Ou: A Winter Wonderland: Banff National Park

Apr 14 with Eric Gray: Using Photoshop to make Watercolor Art

March 3 with Rick Whitacre: Astro_Landscape Photography

February 4 with Ken Fong: Photographing the unseen: re-training your eyes for the photogenic.

January 7 with Mark Grzan: Twenty Strategies in Composition

Octorber 1 with Serena Hartoog Capturing Color in Motion

September 3 with David Coleman: Visual Storytelling

Auguest 6 with John Gayler:  Icelandic Adventure 

July 9 with Jing Wee: Planning for Astrophotography

May 7 with Jeff Cable: Safari Photography

April 2 with Suzette Allen: Location Portraits and LIVE Portraits

March 5 with Yao-Pi Hsu: Creative Photography

February 12 with John Gayler: Travel Photography

January 8 with Jon Sun: Shooting Moments that Matter

December 1 & 8 with Master Paul Tsang: Lighting Workshop

Octorber 2 with Dr. Shinnan Kiang: Winter Photography

September 4 with QT Luong: Treasured Lands: A Photographic Odyssey Through America's National Parks

August 7 with Ken Fong: How I Apply Creative Workflow

July 10 with Rick Whitacre: Astro Landscape Photography

May 1 with Jeff Cable: Sports Photography

April 3 with Paul Tsan: Window lighting and poses for portrait

March 6 with Michael Gan: Regenerating the creative process through the power of intention

February 6 with Serena Hartoog: HDR in Travel Photography

January 9 with Rudy Pollak: See the Picture Before You Take the Picture


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