Big Boy Lighting on a Dime - 2 Day Workshop by Scott Robert Lim

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1177 Laurelwood Road
Santa Clara, CA 95054

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This event was held on Friday, September 30, 2016

Big Boy Lighting on a Dime
Professional lighting techniques on a budget

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Bigger is usually better, especially when it comes to lighting, but is it really necessary to spend thousands of dollars on a lighting system? Big expensive lighting is currently all the rage and used by many popular photographers but great lighting techniques do not need a lot of expensive equipment. The most lighting situations of an on location portrait and wedding photographer can be effectively managed with some very basic equipment, don’t be fooled into thinking you need to spend thousands of dollars to be a world class professional.

Master photographer and Sony Artisan, Scott Robert Lim talks about how he shoots around the world with some very basic equipment and yet his portrait images are published and viewed by thousands around the world. Learn how Scott uses inexpensive, easy to use, lightweight and portable gear and how he can save the photographer thousands of dollars. He will reveal his lighting secrets that has turned him into an international superstar.

Why using a manual flash is important
How to create big beautiful light for under $20
Managing bright light situations
Best low light solutions
Why every gear bag should include a video light
Must have multi-function accessories

About Speaker:
  Scott Robert Lim is an international award winning, master photographer, Sony Artisan and certified educator with over 70 international major awards to his name including; 2009 Kodak Award, Top 10 Most Influential Photographers, Top 10 World’s Best Wedding Photographers. His highly popular Creative Live workshops viewed by hundreds of thousands has contributed to his world wide popularity. He is an author, inventor, mentor and life coach to hundreds of photographers worldwide. Scott’s images have been published in international books and magazines viewed by millions. He is a popular international speaker with an upbeat, charismatic and inspirational style. Scott resides in Los Angeles, CA with is wife of 27 years and two children.

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