Cracking the Code of Landscape Composition - with Ken Fong

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1177 Laurelwood Road
Santa Clara, CA 95054

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This event was held on Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ken Fong

Do you think that effective landscape photography can only be accomplished by artistically gifted individuals or those who were born with an “eye for photography”?  I certainly used to think so.  My interest in photography came from a technical approach, not as an artist.  My interest spanned multiple decades, yet for the majority of that time, I struggled with creating good compositions despite taking many courses in photography.  I personally believe that we are all already incredibly creative because that is the very nature of the God who created us.  And I also believe that for the majority of us who were not ‘gifted artists’ at birth can learn the craft of composition in the same way as how we learned how to follow a recipe or a checklist.  By learning the rules or ‘code’ of composition, photography becomes more objective and less subjective, with increased repeatability in more situations.

This seminar in an except from a more comprehensive photography fundamentals workshop, which trains photographers on the main things one needs to know BEFORE they attend an on-field photographic workshop, or set off on a serious photo trek with friends.  This seminar consolidates the compositional rules that I have found to be the most important on the field...rules that eventually became integral to my creative workflow.  By exposing you to my workflow, my hope is that you can start understanding and practicing these rules to discover and develop your own unique style.

Ken shares his own creative photographic style and workflow as it relates to:

Gear: What's in my bag that supports my style of photography?
Minimal skills needed before going on a photo trek
Scouting the composition: researching a target and other pre-field preparation
On-field composition: applying the rules
Composition-related Post-processing

Once you nail down a few key technical skills and understand the core compositional rules, you will be free from fussing over the camera and its settings and become the artistic composer you were meant to be!

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